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Book Release Alert

Author’s third novel takes the reader on a rollicking ride through the Caribbean as it was in 1983, culminating with the long-forgotten piece of Caribbean history―the US invasion of Grenada.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, July 1, 2019—Author and sustainable development expert, David Culberson, uses his talent as a storyteller to weave riveting adventure stories. His third novel, A Fortnight of Fury, provides a scenic background for some of the most colorful characters from Back Time on Love City as they chase a group of devious misfits through the Caribbean. They happen to land on the little island of Grenada on the eve of the US invasion on October 25th, 1983. Thorough research allows the mostly forgotten incident to come to life with accurate details not provided by the media, banned from the island during the invasion, and only made available recently through redacted military documents.

His first novel, Back Time on Love City, was a coming of age story set amongst the pre-developed utopian backdrop of the Caribbean. The story documented the shift in culture, away from the wild west-like attitudes of the past and toward the modernization and inevitable development of the region

His second novel, Alterios’s Motive, combined rich characters and cartel money laundering, while providing astute commentary on the state of international tourism development in some of the most beautiful and sensitive environments.

A Fortnight of Fury and additional novels and short stories penned by David Culberson are available now through Amazon in paperback, and is also available on Kindle and all other eBook providers.

October, 1983:
The Cold War was in high gear. Terrorist attacks around the world were on the increase with 241US Marines having just been killed by a suicide bomber in Beirut. Reagan was loaded for bear. America needed a win. Reagan pounced. His target was an idyllic island in the Windward chain of the lower Caribbean whose primary export, besides tourism, was nutmeg.
A couple of hundred miles north of Grenada, a bumbling group of island misfits have stolen a boat and kidnapped the girlfriend of the local dive master and tough guy, Captain Jay. Captain Jay wants her back. He and a close-knit group of friends begin an island-hopping chase with the kidnappers that leads them through the Caribbean and, eventually, to the island of Grenada―on the eve of Operation Urgent Fury.
What they witnessed was surreal—a harsh brush stroke of battle painted across the colorful, whimsical canvas that was the Caribbean.
It was as though Disney had gone to war.


David Culberson grew up in a small town in Middle America. After a higher education in a warmer climate, he spent the next four decades living and mixing with the cultures of the Caribbean, Mexico and the Great Lakes, where he pioneered and built several low-impact, sustainable resort properties. He currently lives with his wife and Border collies on Lakes Michigan and Superior and keeps a home on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico.


David Culberson